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I have always loved flowers - all of them! Ever since I was little I was fascinated with their looks, smells and textures. My original life plan was in the business world. I was going to be some top level manager or CEO of some fantastic company. I went to the University of Oregon and earned my Bachelor of Science degree from the Lundquist College of Business. I enjoyed the formal attire, leading others and the general feel of "business". I worked in the medical field and was planning on working my way up the corporate ladder until one day I had an idea that changed everything.


My son was about 6 months old and I felt I needed to find a class of some sort to give myself a little "me" time. I looked up classes at Lane Community College and came across an introduction to flower arranging. Well, that sounded fun! The first day we created a simple rose arrangement. I looked at what I created and was hooked! I thought "Oh my goodness! This is what I want!"

What a game changer! This new venture of mine combined the love of flowers and my business skills. A perfect match for me and my family.

Fam Paulina Falls.jpg

Our Mission...

My goal is to bring excitement and wonder to your special day through magnificent floral arrangements. No matter what the budget, we can come up with ideas for your flowers that will complete your dream wedding. We'll come together and create a wedding that no one will forget!




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