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Last Weekends Weddings

Last weekend was loads of fun! I got to create two very different and very beautiful bouquets for two very beautiful brides!

The first wedding had red carnations and baby's breath for the bride and for her bridesmaids we had white carnations with red tips and baby's breath. The bouts had the white carnations with red tips and for the corsages we used one red and one white carnation. A simplistic beauty!

The second wedding was more of a woodsy wild child look. It included succulents, Fiddlehead ferns, Queens Anne Lace, Lisianthus, hypericum berries and ferns. The bridesmaids were smaller versions of the brides. The bouts had a Fiddlehead fern, hypericum berry and waxflower. The women used the beautiful Lisianthus flower in their hair. A very beautiful combination of greens, succulents and flowers!

Happy Wedding Day!!!

#flowers #wedding #carnations #corsages #bouts #succulents #sweetpeafloral

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