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Wedding Season is Here!

It is official! The wedding season has begun and we have hit the ground running! I love when my shop and cooler are stuffed full of flowers waiting to be designed for the soon to be wedding. The process isn't always clean and neat but it's the end results that we are after!

Here is a snap shot of most of the flowers that were being prepped for this last weekend's weddings. (There were more in the cooler!) It doesn't look organized but I knew where everything was! haha

Prepping flowers is a very important step in the flower arranging process. It insures that the product lasts as long as possible. It is a very time consuming process but it must be done!

I love the wildflower look that some brides are after this season. I think it is a fun and wild look just like you went and gathered flowers in a field somewhere. You can add many different colors and different types of greenery to achieve this look. This was a very fun look to put together this last weekend!

#sweetpeafloral #wedding #flowers #wildflowers #barrelarrangements

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